Local knowledge appreciated!

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Local knowledge appreciated!

Post by #45’s wig » March 13th, 2020, 12:57 am

Dear All
We’re in the very early stages of considering a permanent move to the Balearics. Menorca (particularly the S-E) is our favorite island, but I’d value your thoughts about the following:

Does anyone have experience of the 'Residence visa for buyers of real estate (RIV)'? I believe it’s for non-EU citizens..The Spanish govt website is a little light on detail but it seems to be contingent upon spending at least 500K Euros on a Spanish property.

Which island has the best English-speaking school? We have young-ish kids. Searching doesn't reveal any options on Menorca (just Mallorca/Ibiza) - is that so?

Are there many year-round ex-pat families with young-ish kids, & if so, is there an area of the island where they are clustered? I guess local access to school/other kids amenities determines where families tend to end up? Clearly we'd rather not be surrounded entirely by retirees!

Have property values been decreasing a little on Menorca? Seems like many listings are reduced..

My sense is, in terms of what you get for your $, Menorca is better value than Mallorca, which is better value than Ibiza. Am i correct?

That’ll do for starters. Thanks for your time/expertise in advance.

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